Oh Where, Oh Where Have Our Map Services Gone?

Since the Office for Coastal Management migrated to Esri ArcServer 10.3, we’ve had to split the location where we publish map services onto two servers.  Both of the server instances are then proxied to this one location. It may appear as though some of our previous services are missing, when in fact they are just “hidden.”

Hidden service folders on OCM ArcGIS REST Services Directory
Hidden service folders on OCM ArcGIS REST Services Directory.

It’s important to know that all of the same capabilities and functions are available, but there are a couple items of note regarding the workflows of performing some of these functions. Most notably with bringing the “hidden” services into ArcMap Desktop, as well as finding these “hidden” services.  The solution for the latter is quite simple, while the solution for the former may not be as intuitive.

Let’s start with the easy solution.  When navigated to our main services page, if you want to see the services in the “MarineCadastre” folder, simply type the name into the URL address. So this URL: https://coast.noaa.gov/arcgis/rest/services/, becomes this URL: https://coast.noaa.gov/arcgis/rest/services/MarineCadastre.  Easy peasy.

Now for the trickier solution. Normally a user can add a GIS Server into Arc Desktop by clicking the add data button in ArcMap, navigating to “GIS Servers,” then adding the REST URL as a “ArcGIS Server.”

Add GIS Servers Dialog
Add Data dialog box displaying “Add ArcGIS Server”.

Unfortunately, when you do this right now you’ll only end up with the folders available to you that are exposed on our main service page.

Exposed Service Folders
Exposed folders found when adding the OCM REST page as an ArcGIS server to ArcMap.

In order to bring in any of the hidden services you will need to follow the next two steps. First, navigate to the service page you want to view in ArcGIS Desktop. Next, within the “View In:” options at the top of the page select “ArcMap.”

Ocean Energy Service REST Page
REST service page for the Ocean Energy service found within the “MarineCadastre” server folder.

If you already have an ArcMap session open, this action will add the service and all accompanying layers into the map.  If you don’t have ArcMap open, it will launch the program for you and add the service and its layers into your map. There you have it, an easy solution for finding something that seemingly disappeared.

Happy Mapping!