Digital Coast Lead Agency Changes Name and Gets Bigger – What’s Up?

To maximize the nation’s coastal management efforts, NOAA has combined two of its primary coastal offices: the Coastal Services Center and the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. The basic missions remain intact, but the new structure and operational approach will increase efficiency and effectiveness. By operating more collaboratively, the new Office for Coastal Management and our partners will be in a better position to secure the health of our coasts and communities and the future of our programs. We will work toward the outcomes of healthy coastal ecosystems, resilient coastal communities, and vibrant and sustainable coastal economies. The Office for Coastal Management includes the following major partnered efforts:

  • Digital Coast. A website and partnership program that provides the nation’s coastal managers with data, tools, and training.
  • National Estuarine Research Reserves. A system of protected coastal and estuarine places working together to provide relevant science, education, and training.
  • National Coastal Zone Management Program. A unique federal and state partnership program that implements coastal management policy.
  • Coral Reef Conservation Program. A NOAA-wide program that supports the conservation and protection of our coral resources.

What does all this mean to you?

Our URLs are changing. The domain has changed to Updating your links, particularly links you might have on your own webpages, helps both of us. Nothing is going away, but you will start seeing more content on estuarine science, corals, the coastal zone management program, and other areas of expertise from the former Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Boots-on-the-ground coastal management in the 21st century requires bringing people from all sectors together to address coastal issues, and the Office for Coastal Management will assist by providing a wide array of helpful, science-based resources and services.Looking down the road—who knows how much we together, and in service to each other, can achieve!

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